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Hurricane Deck 8.0%, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co., United States
4 arviota
Hurricane Deck
8.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Brewed with three and a half pounds of hops per barrel, this double IPA is loaded with woodsy, herbal and pine-like hop flavor and aroma. This double IPA blends four hops – Columbus, Centennial, Chinook and Cascade – to recreate the ruggedness and intensity of the Trail. Enjoy after achieving a major accomplishment.
IBU: 82


Post author: KingArppo
5 years ago

Post author: Roywenk
6 years ago
Bra, kraftig smak!

Post author: Chris B
Chris B
@ Figueroa Mountain Brewing
7 years ago
Hurricane Deck, United States
This comes close to the taste of Pliny the Elder. Absolutely bag loads of flavour packed hops with all the lovely bitterness you'd expect - shot through with a blunderbuss of South Sea Island fruits. Kablammm! It's a great beer. Served from the brewery Tap in a Santa Barbara backstreet. There's a pub quiz on. The quiz master threw a bloke out for shouting the answers. Everyone clapped. Superb stuff. Even the view from the car park is ace in these parts.