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Mosaical Xtra Pale Ale 5.5%, Stadin Panimo, Finland
3 ratings
Mosaical Xtra Pale Ale
5.5% Pale Ale - International
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Fruity, light, fresh and moderately hoppy.


Post author: Lasis
@ Stadin Panimobaari
4 years ago
Mosaical Xtra Pale Ale, Finland
Tuskassa hanasta. Kirkas, vähä vaahtoinen. Mukavan raikas juotava olut.

Post author: Jouni H
Jouni H
@ Alko Kaakkuri
5 years ago

Post author: MarkusHeino
6 years ago
A nice new addition to the Stadin Panimo line-up. Fruity taste - even zesty - with a hoppy finish. A lightly bitter feel after each sip and a similarly fleeting citrusy nose. At it's best when enjoyed outside, on a hot day, bubbling at you from a cool drafted pint.