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Sour wheat gose 3.8%, Field House Brewing, Canada
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Sour wheat gose
3.8% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
Salted wheat ale salted and soured with lactobacillus. Additions of coriander and elderflower.


Post author: Beer Hunter
Beer Hunter
6 years ago
Sour wheat gose, Canada

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Beverly Corners
7 years ago
Sour wheat gose, Canada
I'm not sure quite what to say about this. I definitely don't dislike it. This is my 3rd sour and it's pretty complex I think. A very puckering sour initial blast, followed by some citrus, plum and floral notes. This is all followed by an odd nuttiness and flavour that I have a hard time describing that I assume is from the coriander. Under all of this is a mild breadiness. The sourness follows all the way till the end then dissipates and leaves very little after taste. I must admit I was confused at first but as the glass empties, my admiration grows.