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8 West 6.0%, Mike Hess Brewing Company, United States
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8 West
6.0% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
Wheat beer brewed with orange peel and honey.


Post author: ZekeWolf
6 years ago
8 West, United States
Light golden wheat beer. Named after the highway to the Pacific shores of San Diego. At first the orange and orange peel take the lead but soon fades out the fresh fruits combo with of honey. Crisp freshness. Hint of bitterness.

Post author: veltto62
6 years ago

Post author: Oispa K
Oispa K
7 years ago

Post author: Neil A
Neil A
@ The Bottle Shop, Roath
7 years ago
8 West, United States
The description nails it "orange honey wheat". Starts with a soft citrus then piles on complex sweetness. No bitterness at all. Couldn't drink more than 1.... like the idea with the can but I still don't want to drink out of it