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Sugar Shack Maple Stout 6.5%, Third Street Brewhouse, United States
4 ratings
Sugar Shack Maple Stout
6.5% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
Sugar Shack Maple Stout is a truly unique brew enhanced with maple syrup harvested at the Saint John’s Abbey Arboretum and Forest. These discerning monks have given us exclusive rights (yep, that means just us) to pair their notorious sweet blend with our perfectly crafted beer. This full bodied stout has subtle but distinct hints of roasted and specialty malts. Its dark appearance is a testament to its robust nature but it is delicately balanced with sweet and hoppy notes to produce a smooth, slightly creamy stout with an insatiable pleasant maple syrup flavor.


Post author: Edgeworth
5 years ago
Sugar Shack Maple Stout, United States
Very high, thick tan head. It's lasting. Not much aroma. Dark brown opaque color. Flavor is of crisp sweet Maple. Has a bit of a burnt flavor to it. Finish is mildly bitter, dry and brief. It's just okay, nothing special.

Post author: Matt P
Matt P
7 years ago

Post author: Matt P
Matt P
7 years ago
Not too shabby. Bought a 4 pack of 16 ounce cans at Aldi tonight for a little over $6 to have one to finish off the weekend. Not as strong a maple taste as I was ready for, but enough to get the flavor. Will definitely enjoy the rest some other time. Got my money's worth easily.

Post author: BEVE
7 years ago
Smooth creamy stout with subtle maple sweetness. Really quite good.