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Patrons Project 4.02 7.4%, Northern Monk Brew Co., England
8 ratings
Patrons Project 4.02
7.4% India Pale Ale


Post author: Kévin D
Kévin D
4 years ago

Post author: Matt P
Matt P
5 years ago

Post author: Jamie B
Jamie B
6 years ago
The closest thing to lemonade, without being lemonade!

Post author: Aaron D
Aaron D
6 years ago
Patrons Project 4.02, England

Post author: James B
James B
6 years ago

Post author: Chris B
Chris B
6 years ago
Patrons Project 4.02, England
I've returned home late after travelling to Peterborough for work - on what has been a sweltering day, and then heading down to the River Severn for my weekly Coastguard training. Beautiful evening with hazy sunshine across the estuary, looking down to the bridges in the distance. This is the treat I was waiting for. Probably the clearest of the Northern Monk beers I've tried, with only a light golden haze. It's a lovely fruit filled IPA with the focus on Pineapple and Grapefruit. It's really juicy with a sharp edge and gentle bitterness. Goes down far easier than the 7.4% suggests. Perfect for this evening.

Post author: Mattburnside
6 years ago

Post author: Neil A
Neil A
@ The Bottle Shop, Roath
7 years ago
Patrons Project 4.02, England
Not as tropical as I was expecting but still tasty....... shattered