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Lot No. 3 IPA 6.8%, Evolution Craft Brewery, United States
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Lot No. 3 IPA
6.8% Imperial IPA / Double IPA


Post author: Jani H
Jani H
5 months ago

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
5 years ago
Lot No. 3 IPA, United States
I know I’ve had before but I’m having some of my daughters & boyfriends beers tonight. This has a dry hopped with some pine taste. Decent but that is about it Getting ready to celebrate as my daughter graduates from college tomorrow. I’m very proud of her. She worked hard and got it done. So I’m drinking her beer (LOL).

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
7 years ago
21 years married? What da hell dat happen? How'd I get this old? I used to be young. Has a piney hop taste. Might have been a fridge clean out miss

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
7 years ago
A lighter version of the double IPA. Seems to have a little of a dry hops taste. Not my favorite but it isn't bad