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Bonamy's Apple Cider 4.0%, Tasmanian Cider Co, Australia
4 ratings
Bonamy's Apple Cider
4.0% Apple Cider


Post author: Ilya M
Ilya M
3 years ago
Rather bland, without a discernable apple flavour.

Post author: Ilya M
Ilya M
4 years ago
Excellent -- nicely balanced, refreshing, very enjoyable

Post author: WexiLahti
@ The Richmond Arms Hotel
4 years ago
Bonamy's Apple Cider, Australia
Lucid, yellow cider with a faint green hue. The carbonation is abundant and truly long-lasting. The head is meager, white and melts soon down to a ring of minuscule bubbles circling the surface. The scent offers semisweet apple nectar. The palate is nicely rustic and distantly farmhousey: light-sour apple nectar with a very natural, juicy and remotely farmhousey twist. The finish is normal. The mouthfeel is truly natural, gardeny, somewhat summery and zesty. Good thirst killer!

Post author: Clocke
@ The Aviary
6 years ago
Bonamy's Apple Cider, Australia
Dry but not that complex