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Rhode Island Red Rye 4.0%, Brimstage Brewery, England
4 arviota
Rhode Island Red Rye
4.0% Specialty Grain
Rye Beer.


Post author: Cufty S
Cufty S
@ Gordale Garden Centre.
2 years ago
Rhode Island Red Rye, England
A slight spiciness, with a richness from the red crystal malt. Pretty nice.

Post author: Newton679
4 years ago

Post author: Richard A
Richard A
7 years ago
Nice Red ale , full of character and packs a bit if a punch.

Post author: Ned Lud
Ned Lud
@ The Anchor
7 years ago
Rhode Island Red Rye, England
Fairly intense, lingering bitterness​, biscuity aroma, loads of caramel malt here, but not much flavour. Decent pint.