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Raging Bull 7.1%, Bootleg Brewery, Australia
2 ratings
Raging Bull
7.1% Porter
The Bull finishes with a resounding sweetness which, like chocolate, begs for another mouthful. A complete and full beer, Raging Bull is truly unique and possibly the most distinctive beer being produced in Australia today.


Post author: JP Visée
JP Visée
3 years ago
Raging Bull, Australia
Notes of molasses and hints of coffee notes on the nose. Pallet is filled with coffee, burnt caramel and dark chocolate. Well balance flavours leaving a well rounded finish to the dark ale.

Post author: Clocke
@ Mane Liquor Store
6 years ago
Raging Bull, Australia
This was the closest thing I could find 6 years ago in WA that would remind me of some of the great dark beers in Montana. But it really doesn't stack up. Its too sweet with its Ale base.