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Two-Tailed Bohemian Pilsner 5.0%, Lion's Tail Brewing Company, United States
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Two-Tailed Bohemian Pilsner
5.0% Pilsner
The Two-Tailed Rampant Lion that represents Lion's Tail Brewing Co is a Bohemian crest dating back to the 1200's when King Wenceslas fought the Pope to allow the Bohemians to brew beer. This started a brewing revolution that today, 800 years later has the Bohemian / Czech people brewing some of the best beers in the world, and enjoying the most beer per capita than any other country in the world. Two-Tailed Pilsner is a tribute to this history. Using Wisconsin grown ingredients, we brewed this Pilsner in the Bohemian style, with a soft, malty base and highlighted with the classic herbal and spicy flavors of noble hops. 5%abv.
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