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S'Wheat Caroline 5.0%, Wisconsin Brewing Company (WBC), United States
2 ratings
S'Wheat Caroline
5.0% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
The second brew from campus craft brewery. this YEAR, it's an american wheat ale, inspired by the promise of warm summer days on the union terrace, and expertly crafted by students who can't wait to get out there with a pitcher or two.


Post author: Thibault S
Thibault S
3 years ago

Post author: Annike
4 years ago
S'Wheat Caroline, United States
Oo, no nyt. Yksi kuumimpia päiviä, pitkä kävely takana. Yliopisto meininkiä pitkin ja poikin. Taas hyvä kalja, ei täällä vissiin huonoja olekaan. Olutta ja juustoja! U gotta❤️ Wisconsin.