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Marathon Lager 6.0%, Bull Falls Brewery, United States
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Marathon Lager
6.0% Pale Lager
Marathon City Brewery had been around for over 100 years when it closed in 1966. My great-uncle Walter Zamzow had been the Secretary at Marathon City Brewery. Many of my relatives grew up enjoying Marathon City beer. So naturally when Bull Falls Brewery opened a search began to find the original Marathon Superfine recipe. With no luck, the search stopped. Everything was gone concerning formulations or recipes. Then one day a local business man walked into Bull Falls Brewery with the original brewers log book from 1954! As the story goes his father was part of the crew that was involved with demolition of the old brewery building. While there he discovered the log book and took it home where it stayed in his garage till his passing. Recovered among his belongings it was brought down to Bull Falls Brewery, where we immediately set out to recreate this classic "your father's mustache" locally brewed American Style Lager beer!
IBU: 23.2
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