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Lilja's Sasquatch Stout 7.0%, Pangaea Beer Company, United States
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Lilja's Sasquatch Stout
7.0% Stout
Say it ain't so, Joe! Enter the Patterson-Gimlin film: During mid-October of 1967, two Bigfoot researchers from Yakima, Washington, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, were undertaking an expedition in the Bluff Creek region of northern California. While on horseback, the men rounded a bend in a dry river bottom and were startled by a large hairy creature. Though Patterson's horse became frightened and reared, throwing him from the saddle, he was able to retrieve his 16 mm Cini-Kodak hand-held camera and shoot thirty feet of color film. The remarkable film shows the grainy image of the creature as it unhurriedly, but agilely, moves away into the forest. The creature turns its head and torso to look at the men, and at this point large, pendulous, hair-covered breasts are visible, suggesting the animal is a female. Based upon footprints and critical analysis of the film, the creature appears to be larger than six feet tall and weigh well over four-hundred pounds.
IBU: 60
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