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Maibock 6.8%, Lakefront Brewery, United States
1 ratings
6.8% Hellerbock / Maibock
Pours a brilliant blonde-gold with a white fluffy head. Biscuit and honey aromas from Vienna and Munich malts blend with herbal and spicy hop notes from Mount Hood and Czech Saaz hops. The medium body yields a robust malty-sweetness, while a mild, balanced hoppiness leads into the crisp finish. Pairs well with spicy food, especially Cajun. A rounded hop flavor and crisp carbonation lift the spiciness of gumbo and jambalaya, while the substantial body stands up to the richness of dishes like étouffée.


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
5 years ago
Maibock, United States
Has a nice malty taste that is light caramel & lightly nutty. A little herbal hops. Just enjoyable overall