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Implosion Double IPA 9.3%, Geneva Lake Brewing Company, United States
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Implosion Double IPA
9.3% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Implosion Double IPA is the first addition to the Geneva Lake Brewing Company Wheelhouse Series. At 85 ibu's this Double IPA presents strong and bitter and finishes smooth. The local Wisconsin honey added to the kettle half-way through the brew brings surprising depth and smoothness to this big-hops-brew. The brew includes 5 hop additions in the kettle (Millennium, Summit, Columbus, Perle and Cascade) and 1 round of dry hopping with 5 additional hops to finish. This beer is an absolute "implosion" of hoppy aroma and flavor. Between the 9.3% abv, the local honey and the smooth drinkability… this beer is sure to leave you buzzing in more ways than one.
IBU : 85
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