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Double Disco 8.0%, Stillmank Brewing Company, United States
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Double Disco
8.0% Premium Bitter / Strong Bitter / ESB
An Imperial ESB. Rich and complex, with malt and hop usage bordering on excessive, yet dancing in perfect harmony. This ruby red ale highlights chewy caramel malts and spicy hops for fresh, lively aromas and flavors. Brewed as a celebration beer to recognize the anniversary of the purchase of our brewery. On April 1st 2014 Stillmank Brewing purchased the building at 215 North Henry Street in Green Bay. This was a huge day for our company and was celebrated then by friends and family, as we are so proud to be a part of our community. We now offer this beer to all our friends that want to continue to celebrate along with us every year. It will be made available starting on April 1st and into summer on an annual basis.
IBU: 85
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