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Coalescence 5.4%, Unity Brewing Co, England
2 ratings
5.4% Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Coalescence is inspired by Belgian farmhouse ales. These beers were originally brewed to quench the thirst of farm workers and used whatever ingredients were to hand. We've created our take on this style, brewed with spelt malt for a rustic, wheaty nuttiness and spiced to add extra aromatic dimensions and complexity.


Post author: IPAli
5 years ago
Refreshing, dry and slightly complex saison with some added spices that take this to the next level. Nose is bready and spicy and shows exactly what’s to come. Fizzy but has some depth to it coming from the spelt malt that was added. Almost too dry but a spicy sweetness comes through to back it up. The added bready, spelt malt and spices elevate this from a nice and dry, refreshing saison to something different all together. Will definitely drink again.

Post author: whitebuildings
@ Clapton Craft
6 years ago
Nice saison. Kind of tastes like a dry saison with added allspice berries, almost nutmeggy buttery taste but with the right amount of acidity. Good stuff