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Zamzama IPA 6.5%, Gun Brewery, England
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Zamzama IPA
6.5% India Pale Ale
India Pale Ale. Steeped in history; forgotten, then rediscovered and reinvigorated by Craft Brewers in America. Ours is a thoroughly modern take, where a rounded malt body meets an avalanche of hops. Mango, lychee, grapefruit. Love hops? Drink me.


Post author: Bearded C
Bearded C
@ The Duke Of Wellington
11 months ago
Zamzama IPA, England
Lovely stuff. Cheers!

Post author: Antti V
Antti V
@ Craft Beer Co Covent Garden
1 year ago

Post author: Wil N
Wil N
@ Cask Pub & Kitchen
2 years ago
Zamzama IPA, England

Post author: Gavin W
Gavin W
@ The Jolly Drayman
3 years ago

Post author: Andy T
Andy T
@ Brewery Shades
4 years ago
Nice hoppy beer

Post author: orson
@ The Victory
5 years ago
Zamzama IPA, England
Suutuntuma matalahiilihappoinen, pehmeä ja aika runsas. Maussa sitrusta, greippiä ja hieman lakritsia. Aika greippinen ipa. Jälkimaku greippisen kuiva.

Post author: BeerbytheSea
6 years ago
Zamzama IPA, England
Okay, it's confirmed, anything from Gun Brewery or Siren are my go-to beers. I've never yet had a bad beer from Gun. I like their packaging, I like their beers, and I like (fear?) that a 6.5% beer can be so nonchalantly drinkable. It pours with a lush, light colour and it's got a really clean, crisp initial taste. This is really nice. It's got an almost light approach, but then you realise that the taste is all there. It's just sliding down so nicely. Seek this out.

Post author: Philmyglass
@ The Queen's Head (Piccadilly Circus)
6 years ago
Zamzama IPA, England
Another I struggled with, the flavours were so sweet with this one, like a caramel and mango smoothie, just too rich and nothing to cut through it. No balance of flavour at all. Some may like it, but it’s not for me.

Post author: Josh N
Josh N
7 years ago

Post author: God-Emperor's Wraith Form
God-Emperor's Wraith Form
7 years ago
Not really my thing. Bitterness in aftertaste