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Laurentina Preta 5.0%, Cervejas de Moçambique (SABMiller), Mozambique
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Laurentina Preta
5.0% Dark Lager
There are a variety of beers produced in the Portuguese nation of Mozambique, but the two most popular or well-known are the Laurentina and 2M (Dois M) lagers. Laurentina has three beers in its stable – the Clara (a clear lager brewed with three selected barley malts), Preta (a dark malt with caramel notes) and Premium (a European-style lager with a full-bodied flavour and rich, golden colour).


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Bel Piatto
4 months ago
Laurentina Preta, Mozambique
Foggy, very dark brown beer with subdued carbonation builds an off-white lace ring on the top. The fragrance is simple: oppressed dark malt. Only. The gustatory profile opens a couple of new fronts with toasted dark rye bread, molasses and a bit of bitter syrup. The body is light. The finish gives especially syrup and molasses for a short while. The mouthfeel is roasty, light, relatively soft and smooth. Fairly decent for an African dark lager.

Post author: Decius
1 year ago
Not my style at all

Post author: Papito C.
Papito C.
1 year ago

Post author: Bentech
6 years ago
A dark beer, slightly heavy for the sun

Post author: Thomas S
Thomas S
6 years ago
Tasty dark lager

Post author: Danie R
Danie R
6 years ago
Laurentina Preta, Mozambique

Post author: Angel Hispano R
Angel Hispano R
7 years ago

Post author: Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill
7 years ago