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Vintage Ale (1999) 8.5%, Fuller's Griffin Brewery (Asahi Breweries), England
3 ratings
Vintage Ale (1999)
8.5% Old Ale
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A bottle-conditioned beer, Vintage Ale continues to mature right up until it’s opened. When the time comes, expect a deep amber pour with notes of sherry and Cognac on the nose, and rich, complex flavours that hint at toasted grains and sweet cherry Bakewell Tart.
IBU: 40


Post author: Thibault S
Thibault S
5 years ago

Post author: Mika69
7 years ago

Post author: James D
James D
7 years ago
I hope that this can be the only review of this beer as it has just been discovered in my Father in Laws garage. Its nearly 18years old and tastes divine. Being bottles conditioned the taste and effect suggests that it had crept over the original 8.5%.