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Apericot Gose 5.5%, Ape Brews, Finland
2 ratings
Apericot Gose
5.5% Grodziskie / Gose / Lichtenhainer
A real thirst quencher! Our salty and sour apricot gose. Not a superfruited sour beer, rather a traditional gose flavored with apricot. If you like drinks in the sun, this could be a new alternative. A balanced beer with salt, coriander seed freshness, fruityness from hops and fermentation. Acidity from the process and a added dimension from the apricot. If you drink one in the sun, the fresh and salty aftertaste might tempt you to take another! Cheers & craft beers!
IBU: 25


Post author: Porterhouse
@ Terassikahvila Birgitta
1 day ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ United Gypsies (UG) Brewery Taproom / KoneStallet
10 days ago
Apericot Gose, Finland
Summer vacation starts today!  🌞🌳🍻  A few beers with the family @ Konestallet. Short reviews. Hazy, deep mango-colored beer with a modest lace ring. The nose receives a medley of apricot and salt. Interesting! Apricot, mango and salt constitute a light-minus-bodied taste. The mouthfeel is light, slightly tart, juicy, pulpy and tropical.