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L'Indian Pale Ale 5.3%, Les Brasseurs, Switzerland
1 arviota
L'Indian Pale Ale
5.3% India Pale Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Les Brasseurs - Genève
20 days ago
L'Indian Pale Ale, Switzerland
From yesterday (connectivity problems). A new version of the signature IPA on tap here. Looks darkish, light copper and cloudy. The head is like soft ice cream, extraordinarily fluffy and moussy. Paints the glass with a thick mess and descends gradually but it's beautifully sustained as an impressive lacing anyway. Weird fragrance: nothing. Just nothing. Is it me or the beer who has a problem? Let me dip my tongue in this. Digestive, biscuit, mandarin peel, dried apricot, a bit of grapefruit zest and faint grass. Ripe and canned. Crispness is below average. Uninspiring. The body is medium. That's a surprise because the flavors are rather on the thin side. The crispness raises its head a bit in the end but otherwise the ripe fruity, canned fruity and crackery plus malty universe prevails also at this stage. The mouthfeel is medium, a tad soft, smooth, airy and ripe. It's also moderately crisp, slightly dry and equally little drying. Hmmm well... as if this version was a bit of a miss now...