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Mad River Steelhead 5.6%, Mad River Brewery, United States
5 ratings
Mad River Steelhead
5.6% American Pale Ale
A bright golden hued ale of medium body with a spicy floral hop character and very mild bitterness. Our flagship brand! 2008 and 2012 Gold Medal and 2010 & 2013 Silver Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in the Golden and Blonde Ale category. Malts: 2-row pale malt, with white wheat and carapils for body and head retention Bittering hops: Colombus Flavor Hops: Cascade and Amarillo Finishing Hops: Cascade, Willamette and Tettnanger
IBU: 26.24


Post author: Thibert
@ Foeders
5 months ago
Mad River Steelhead, United States
Quoi de mieux qu'une canette à 17e pour apprécier un match de baseball franchement

Post author: James G
James G
6 years ago
God damn it James - I mean what the hell were you thinking. 'Hey, maybe yhis is different to all the other American brewed pale ales, IPAs, blondes etc, that you have drunk in the past?'. Well its not, it was never gonna be. Stop wasting your precious coin on this dubious pond water.

Post author: Erik D
Erik D
6 years ago