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Devilish Spiced Black Saison 7.3%, The Napanee Beer Company, Canada
2 ratings
Devilish Spiced Black Saison
7.3% Spiced Beer


Post author: Beer For Ed Please
Beer For Ed Please
5 years ago
Wow! This is dark, and it pours a lot thicker than it tastes. It comes out of the can cloudy and it almost feels like its coming out in clumps. I was expecting that after I poured it, it would drink like a stout, it doesn't at all. This is definitely a saison. The spice is up front and holds. The aromas as you bring the glass up are of roasted malts and vanilla. It claims to have a fruit backbone, but if its there it gets lost in all the other deliciousness. The head dies quickly and leaves more room in the glass for the last of the 473ml can. Its a good beer. As the spice loses its bite on the tastebuds it leaves a bit of an alcohol taste, which is fine. Its 7% and feels every bit of it. This is a " get closer to the fire to stay warm" beer. Definitely worth picking up. I cant see drinking it in the heat of summer, but is it ever warm in Napanee where it comes from? Good job.

Post author: cabunkface
6 years ago