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Pandigital number 6.8%, Azvex Brewing Company, England
3 arviota
Pandigital number
6.8% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
Humalat: Mosaic, Waimea


Post author: Jimbo
@ Sutton Drink Store
3 months ago
Pandigital number, England
Soon as the can opened the aroma punched me in the nostrils of pineapple and passionfruit. The aroma adds a bit of citrus and peach to that. Has a good medium body and the tastebuds get a working over with range of zingy notes of those fruits. Not much bitterness until after and that builds in the throat of a drying citrus rinds and grapefruit. Stunning beer you would just keep ordering again and again

Post author: orson
@ Rebel Beer Cans
4 months ago
Pandigital number, England
Mouthfeel is smooth, juicy, slightly sweet and balanced. Taste: Citrus, stone fruits, sweetness, ripe mango, blueberry and grass.

Post author: Andy T
Andy T
@ Curators of Craft
5 months ago
Lush rich hoppy ale with a strong citrus and stonefruit taste