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Don't Adjust Your Set 6.0%, Disruption is Brewing, England
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Don't Adjust Your Set
6.0% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
Yes. Reality really is as messed up as you think is is. Thank God we have NEIPAs. Tune in and zone out with this tangy sweet overload of fresh satsuma, lemon zest and melon. It's our new favourite flavour station. Size: 440ml
Houblon : Cashmere, El Dorado, Motueka


Post author: Paul G
Paul G
7 months ago
Don't Adjust Your Set, England
Golden nectar coloured hazy brew, though not completely opaque. On the nose is subtle stone fruit and zesty citrus, like lemon peel, satsuma, melon, peach. In the mouth it's quite imposing, bold tang and somewhat chewy mouthfeel though not thick creamy type thing. The finish is quick but with a lingering dank tang. I don't think I've had this particular blend of hops before and it is different, Motueka + Cashmere + El Dorado. They create a counterbalance between themselves, El Dorado is struggling to lay down a rich blanket and Motueka is trying to inject light sub tropical and citrus stabs whilst Cashmere bring backbone fruit and hoppiness. Overall it's fairly big for its 6% ABV, yet with light citrus zest, I think it's the tang plus El Dorado thickness that's doing it. It is not sweet really, even though the bitter finish isn't dominated by pine. As it warms and breathes is gets a lot softer and the tang is replaced by El Dorado lusciousness, melon and coconut gentleness comes through and transforms this beer. Still big but perfected.