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Vijfheeren bier Weizen 5.2%, De Naeckte Brouwers, Netherlands
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Vijfheeren bier Weizen
5.2% Witbier
The Vijfheerenlanden region originated around the year 1284. 'Five Gentlemen' then jointly decided to drain this unique area by installing dikes between the Lek and Linge. Centuries later we still enjoy this beautiful region and it deserves its own beer! Vijfheeren beer This fresh wheat beer has a fruity, spicy taste and is delicious to drink in both summer and winter. Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, wheat flakes, hops and yeast. Contains gluten.
IBU : 18
Malts : Barley Malt, Wheat


Post author: Danila B
Danila B
2 months ago
Vijfheeren bier Weizen, Netherlands