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Night Kit BA 12.0%, United Gypsies (UG) Brewery, Finland
5 ratings
Night Kit BA
12.0% Belgian Strong Ale
Barrel aged golden strong ale with triple sec soaked orange peels.
Barrel aged


Post author: Derity
19 days ago

Post author: Jani loven
Jani loven
@ Craft Beer Helsinki Wanha Satama 2024
4 months ago

Post author: Antti G
Antti G
@ Craft Beer Helsinki Wanha Satama 2024
4 months ago

Post author: Jokkeri76
@ United Gypsies (UG) Brewery
7 months ago
Night Kit BA, Finland
Jatketaan vielä hiukan pienimuotoista uuden vuoden maistelu sessiota…. Appelsiiniä ja sen kuorta sekä makeaa…. löytyy tuoksusta. Appelsiinia ja sen kuorta yhdessä maltaisuutta sekä hiukkasen makeaa siirappia tahi karamellimallas on makuna tässä oluessa. Tuhdikas olut jossa mukavasti makeaa, hapanta sekä maltaisuutta. Taustalla kun oikein pinnistää niin maistuu hieman alkomaholi. BBE ?

Post author: WexiLahti
@ United Gypsies (UG) Brewery
7 months ago
Night Kit BA, Finland
Happy 🇫🇮 Independence Day 2023! A toast for Finland with a beer that looks semihazy, amber–orange. This is vintage 2023, says the label. Carbonation is a bit limited and produces a cute soft creamy head that remains shorter than one finger. The foamy cap dissipates soon to a billowy lace ring. The scent is intensive sweet-leaning malty. Very much what a Belgian Strong Golden Ale is supposed to offer. Sweet malt, waffle, cereal, sugarbeet, candi syrup, tangerine and orange peel. I was a bit reserved with this beer but now it actually proves quite appealing — at least until I sip it... Alcohol infused orange peel, tangerine, strong and intensive pale malt, sugarbeet juice, wheat biscuit and a pinch of cereal land on my tastebuds. Barrel notes remain absent. Symphonious and not even close to the rebarbativeness of some (poorly crafted) Belgian Strong Ales. The body is about full. The finish is considerably citrusy, especially tangerine and orange peel can be spotted, what else? Alcohol is still neatly camouflaged. The benevolent sun watched the aftertaste; it was by no means angry with them, maybe even felt some kind of sympathy for them; they were good men. 🕯️🕯️ The mouthfeel is relatively full, strong, intense and astonishingly Belgiany. It's also somewhat heavy but much more quaffable than I anticipate. Solid.