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Spiral Into Control 6.5%, Verdant Brewing Co., England
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Spiral Into Control
6.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
Houblon : Mosaic, Nectaron, Nelson Sauvin


Post author: Tommo21
5 months ago
Spiral Into Control, England

Post author: Koval113
6 months ago

Post author: Johan B
Johan B
@ Systembolaget Linköping
7 months ago
Spiral Into Control, England
Aroma: Citrus, tropical fruits, grapes, melon. Taste: Citrus, peach, apricot, passion fruit, pineapple. Juicy and dank.

Post author: Craftbeers and Comics
Craftbeers and Comics
@ Quaff Webshop
8 months ago
Spiral Into Control, England
Tout ce que j'aime, gros fruit a chair blanche, beaucoup de rondeur et de fruité, le Nectaron et le Nelson font miracle dans ce domaine ! Amertume présente, bien résineuse et belle longueur et équilibre de l'ensemble, c'est juste trop bon !

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
8 months ago
Spiral Into Control, England
Very pale and very hazy brew with an instantly recognisably Nelson Sauvin aroma which brings white grape and gooseberry but Mosaic and Nectaron lead it away into juice land with peach and pineapple with hints of bubblegum and pine. Pillowy soft in the mouth but with fair amount of carbonation actually particularly fizzy in the finish, which is comes early but leaves a bubblegum and pine aftertaste. In the middle isn't as much as the nose really. The white grape and gooseberry is well contained, maybe even obscured, instead you get an overall view of tang. A strong tanginess at that, in a dry way. Bitter with the heavy Mosaic pine. It's quite American in approach but with new age hops. Nectaron and Nelson Sauvin bringing the tang. It's very juicy and hoppy even though it's not really sweet, more like bitter St. Clements and gum in a forest. I know we've all experienced that scenario 😂 Still, you understand what I mean. I prefer sweet IPAs to bitter so I'm not particularly enamered with this brew but it is quality from UK pros Verdent and the very good new boy Sureshot. It's a even handed collab I'd surmise. It sits quite heavy on the stomach but the alcohol is definitely covered by sheer hops. It's growing on me and does remind me of Monkish Le IPA. It is very good actually, the nuance of Nectaron...and now, slightly warmer and aired, the Nelson is piercing with enhanced tang of gooseberry and white wine, merging with pineapple chunks of Mosaic to create a bitter lilt drink. The flavour is getting stronger by the minute, it's so hoppy and I didn't have this can in the fridge, only in the garage @ ambient outdoor temperature of 10°. Warming to ambient indoor temperature of 18°. One to pour and breathe for a bit (aren't they all?) to obtain the bitter juice and hop bomb explosion 💥

Post author: Noël Mammaire
Noël Mammaire
8 months ago
Spiral Into Control, England
Comme une Neipa de chez Verdant, une onctueuse crème d'houblon avec de belles notes de fruits jaunes, abricot. Un délice.