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Voodoo Ranger Cryo Ranger 7.8%, New Belgium Brewing Company, United States
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Voodoo Ranger Cryo Ranger
7.8% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: Lucas C
Lucas C
10 days ago

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ The Pub at Wegmans
11 days ago
Voodoo Ranger Cryo Ranger, United States
This has a light fruitiness to it that is mainly citrusy. Leans towards lime, grapefruit, light orange with some melon and light pineapple. Hoppy bitterness is barely light that is a little floral. Has some hints of malt giving it a little balance. Has a slightly dry finish. Overall it’s not one to blow your socks off. It’s kind of mellow but has a nice flavor profile.

Post author: David D
David D
@ Lowes Foods #227 NC HWY 42 W
2 months ago
Voodoo Ranger Cryo Ranger, United States
Pours a clear, golden yellow. Drinks smooth and nicely balanced flavors. Slight fruity sweetness with hints of juniper and cedar in the background. Another excellent beer from New Belgium brewing