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La Diplomate 6.1%, Les Brasseurs, Switzerland
2 ratings
La Diplomate
6.1% Pale Ale - International


Post author: Christopher O
Christopher O
@ Les Brasseurs
4 months ago
La Diplomate, Switzerland

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Les Brasseurs - Genève
5 months ago
La Diplomate, Switzerland
Meal accompaniment. Pours astonishingly dark, that is murky, light copper. Carbonation is reasonable, well-mannered. The head is dense moussy, cream-yellowish and exceeds one finger. The long retention blows life to the lacing for quite a long time. The scent is restrained. The little that I manage to find is malt. Slightly biscuity as a matter of fact. The tongue confirms my vague observation: biscuit malt, very soft flavored graham cracker, some kind of truly remote herb that I'm unable to recognize and yeast. Well well... The body is light. The finish is pretty close to the upfront supply, only tanginess intensifies modestly toward the end. Diplomat, 12; don't get caught with the fire like Juelz; eighteen wheeler loaded up with bales; the aftertaste caught a body, but didn't leave a trail. The mouthfeel is light, relatively soft, smooth, a bit turbid and distantly herbal. Not bad but confusion remains.  🤔