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Roggen 5.0%, Brasserie BAPBAP, France
3 ratings
5.0% Rye / Roggenbier


Post author: Ti-Fab
@ En Bières Inconnues
3 days ago
Roggen, France
🇨🇵/🇧🇪 Mousse moyenne au service qui a tenu la dégustation . Robe blonde dorée et limpide . Carbonatation moyenne . En bouche c'est bien malté sur des notes de céréales aux arômes particuliers de seigle puis viennent des notes épicées et levurées . Moyennement a mon goût et je la trouve trop carbonatée

Post author: Johan6464
2 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Maison BAPBAP
2 months ago
Roggen, France
Tonight's flight @ Maison BAPBAP. Flight 1/4 is a Rye Beer which one can conclude from the name. The pour colors translucent gold. The head is decent, silky white. The olfactory segment is wellnigh zero. Not a very convincing start for tonight's escapade. I'll come back to this later if it has something to do with the temperature. [LATER: a silent whisper of sugary biscuit is the only parameter that I'm able to pick here.] The gustatory universe is, fortunately, not that negligible. It's subdued for sure but at least something can be identified there: cracker that is more like oat than rye to me, biscuit, fruity yeast esters and a floral note that I can't distinguish in detail. The body is the weak link – or one of them: it's thin. The finish is pale malty and slightly estery. Short duration. The mouthfeel is thin, estery, floral, somewhat characterless. I expected at least some character of a Rye Beer but this disappoints me now.