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Jam Juice Cider / 就酱 3.3%, Mahanine Brewing Co. / 大九酿造, China
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Jam Juice Cider / 就酱
3.3% Other Cider
On top of using high-quality apples to make our cider, we add a large amount of mixed berry juice for flavor. The fermentation brings out a tartness that showcases a rich and layered berry flavor, resulting in a overall sweet and easy-to-drink taste. It's so delicious, no need for more words, just try it! 我们在使用优质苹果制作的西打酒之上,使用大量的复合莓果果汁增味,在发酵带来的酸感中,展现浓郁且富有层次的莓果风味,整体酸甜易饮。好喝无需多言,就酱吧!


Post author: UC08
@ Zhoushan Jinzhou Blossom Hotel
6 months ago
Jam Juice Cider / 就酱, China