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Realised Signs 6.5%, Track Brewing Co., England
2 ratings
Realised Signs
6.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
Can you believe this is only the second time this year we've used Idaho 7 in one of our beers? The other time being in a Gold Top DIPa released right at the start of January. And for no good reason - we love Idaho 7s over the top dank qualities, making for a real hedonistic aroma and pairing perfectly with everything the ever-faithful Citra gives us. ALLERGENS - MALTED BARLEY, OATS, WHEAT
Hops: Citra, Idaho 7


Post author: Tomser
11 months ago
Realised Signs, England
200 lasissa rikki, ja sen kunniaksi suuntana oli tällä kertaa road trip Englannin maaperällä. Sitruksinen, hapokas ja miellyttävän sakean makuinen olut. Suutuntuma voisi kyllä olla paksumpi ja kokonaisuudesta uupuu jotain. Siltikin kaikinpuolin maistuva tuote. Cheers!

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ Bottle and Jug Department
11 months ago
Realised Signs, England
I've had a couple of track brewing co's beers and they were pretty good, especially the red malty thing, so I expect this to be decent too. Deep opaque amber with gentle carbonation just visible. Dank and tropical on the nose, recognisably Citra with Idaho 7 taking it down the dank route. It's pretty damn nice, soft mouthfeel and quite thick, juicy and dank in equal measure with a finish that's piney but also a bit weedy. I'm not huge on mega pine, which Citra and Mosaic can give you, Idaho 7s a good choice. That said it does come off a bit dry and bitter. The juice ain't that sweet. Overall it's a lovely IPA, fairly hefty flavour without a mention of DDH and nor cryo pops or anything jazzy like that. 6.5% ABV keeps it respectable but it's not a difficult one to drink. It's falls short of UK's finest, not by loads however.