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Mike's Margarita Gose 4.0%, Last Best Brewing & Distilling, Canada
1 Bewertungen
Mike's Margarita Gose
4.0% Sour IPA / Wild IPA
Inspired by your favourite mezcal margarita. Starting off with a classic salty-sour gose base (not unlike the salted rim of a margarita glass) we aged this beer on mezcal soaked oak spirals for a hint of smokiness and subtle notes of creamy vanilla, and conditioned it with tons of tropical guava. It’s tart, fruity and bright!


Post author: robbi_386
@ Last Best Brewing & Distilling
1 year ago
Mike's Margarita Gose, Canada
Eins der wildesten Biere, die ich je getrunken habe. Würde ich nicht nochmal bestellen, aber es war echt lecker.