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Dog River Bavarian Dark 5.0%, District Brewing Company, Canada
2 ratings
Dog River Bavarian Dark
5.0% Dark Lager
Delicious lager that's as dark as any stout but more malty flavour.


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Vancouver Island Liquor
6 years ago
Dog River Bavarian Dark, Canada
A nice dark treat of a lager. Malty is the catch phrase of this beer. Malty aroma with slight notes of scorched caramel and toffee and an almost cola smell. Very well carbonated but zero head retention. It boasts a gorgeous dark copper red color. It's fizzy from the carbonation and medium light in body. Taste is also malty with some dried fruit and scorched brown sugar. There is a balance from some noble hops but you don't get much in the way of aroma or taste from them.

Post author: Dr. Woodchuck
Dr. Woodchuck
7 years ago
Dog River Bavarian Dark, Canada
Deliciously dark lager that's like a stout but more malty flavour than chocolate or caramel.