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Alitalon Puolimakea Siideri 5.2%, Alitalon Viinitila (Ciderberg Oy), Finland
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Alitalon Puolimakea Siideri
5.2% Apple Cider


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Alitalon Viinitila / Ciderberg
1 year ago
Alitalon Puolimakea Siideri, Finland
Clear, straw cider with a pure white, silky head that grows half a finger tall. Long retention. Semisweet apple juice comes forward in the scent. It's natural, as if picked straight from the garden. Pear accompanies. The taste follows along the same lines with semisweet apple juice. A small injection of yeast can also be spotted but pear is absent. Good, there is no pear here. The mouthfeel is light, juicy, gardeny, natural, clean and lip-glueing. Excellent in its own [semisweet] genre.