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Paradise Found 7.0%, Drunk Beard, Switzerland
2 arviota
Paradise Found
7.0% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
Humalat: Citra, Mosaic


Post author: Roby1965
6 months ago
Un nez fruité, en bouche on retrouve des notes de fruits exotiques, de pêche, on a un houblonnage très parfumé, de la longueur en bouche, un très bel équilibre, de la puissance, une très belle NEIPA.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
8 months ago
Paradise Found, Switzerland
A beer that contains the familiar Citra and Mosaic but also a never heard-of HBC-636. The beer looks like very thick nectar. Nectarine nectar obviously. The head is white and contains multiple miniscule bubbles. Soon the head is down to a standard lace ring. Very ripe fruity scent. More or less like canned fruits actually. Mango, apricot, nectarine and mandarin, at least, can be found in the air. Perhaps a wisp of lactose also? The taste fails to yield as tropical notes as what the fragrance does. My taste receptors pick ripe nectarine, mushy mango, canned mandarin and some grapefruit zest, and all that in a resinous atmosphere. Oat flakes join forces with wheat malt at the basement. The body is medium-full. Solid piece. The finish is ripe fruity with no major difference from upfront. Sweetness declines though. The mouthfeel is medium-full, nectar-like, smooth, tropical, ripe, faintly crisp and lip-glueing. Good stuff!