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Cassis (season 21|22) Blend No. 26 6.7%, Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen, Belgium
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Cassis (season 21|22) Blend No. 26
6.7% Lambic - Fruited
Bottling date: 03/02/22 For this first ever Cassis, we macerated freshly harvested cassis berries (blackcurrants) on an ex-Bordeaux barrel for a good four months. The lambics used for macerating and blending were all two years old, and originating from two different barrels and eight different brews. The weighted average age of this blend clocks at 26 months. The final fruit proportion is 313 grams of cassis berries used per litre of finished fruit lambik. The berries were manually picked at Purfruit, a small community supported orchard in West-Flanders, Belgium.


Post author: Anpo
2 months ago