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No Worries Wild Berries 0.5%, Lervig Aktiebryggeri, Norway
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No Worries Wild Berries
0.5% Fruit / Vegetable Beer
No Worries Wild Berries. Whether you’re looking to reduce your alcohol consumption or simply love the taste of fruity beers, this alcohol-free beer is bursting with delicious wild berry goodness. Enjoy a cold glass of No Worries Wild Berries on a hot summer day, or share it with friends at your next barbecue. Cheers to a healthy and flavorful beer experience!


Post author: Jake64
@ Pien Webshop
3 months ago
No Worries Wild Berries, Norway
Mansikkaa mehuvesi

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
9 months ago
No Worries Wild Berries, Norway
The pour was a little listless, it didn't have much foam and was left with non at all when I finished. The body is dark yellow, almost thick with haze. Scent is huge, lots of mixed berries, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. Like a soft drink but with a little funk. Mouthfeel is light at first, as you'd expect from a NA but some bubbles and foam come to the front for a little at the end to keep thing lively. Taste is dry malt, but there is a creaminess, perhaps from oats that rushes in an carries much of the fruit flavour, maybe reminiscent of a yoghurt. The fruitiness fades with the lightness and there is a hint of a citrus hop base. Not the best of the No Worries series but it's ok.