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Bump in the Night 9.2%, The Brewing Projekt, United States
1 ratings
Bump in the Night
9.2% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Imperial Stout with Bavarian cream flavoring and natural flavors


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
6 months ago
Bump in the Night, United States
Well, family's back in Texas but left me a great selection of beers for Ryan and I to enjoy on Duo. A few are from me. He brought this interesting Wisconsin beer. Not a lot of head, very small bubbles. Pours heavy almost syrupy. Aroma is distinctly amaretto or perhaps Dr Pepper soft drink. Texture gave me the expected heavy and very creamy feel. The amaretto was a strong first punch, boozy alcohol, very sweet. Combine that with a heavy dark chocolate. So far, I'm in love. As it nears the finish, it feels like a cherry cordial, one of those heavy liqueur ones. Not much changing the finish except it turns a little more bitter. I took three full sips without saying a single word to Ryan, from the first I knew this was going to go to battle for the coveted 5. He couldn't pull the trigger but I certainly can. This hits all of my sweet spots. The amaretto, the booziness, just the right amount of sweet deep dark chocolate, and then a finish that doesn't diminish any of these flavors. Never came close to backing off the 5.0 rating.