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Something Only You Can Be 6.4%, Cloudwater Brew Co., England
3 ratings
Something Only You Can Be
6.4% Sour / Wild Ale
A spontaneous fruited sour with single origin coffee from Kenya, roasted by Workshop Coffee. Usually found in darker beers, we chose to embrace coffee in a BA sour. We added coffee beans to a two-year aged chuckleberry wild beer base. The final beer is smooth with a gentle sourness and presents hints of green pepper and smokiness. Made with time and love at Cloudwater.


Post author: Weksi
@ Olutravintola Konttori
5 months ago

Post author: Jones
@ Pien Webshop
6 months ago
Something Only You Can Be, England
Tynnyrikypsytetty villihiivasour Cloudwaterilta. Kahden vuoden ikäiseen aronialla maustettuun pohjaan viskattu sekaan kenialaisia kahvipapuja. Marjaisuutta, sitruksista hedelmäisyyttä ja reilusti hapokkuutta. Punaherukkaa, karviaista ja paahteista kahvia. Pehmeä ja erittäin maukas.