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Born To Be Mild 3.8%, Loose Cannon Brewery, England
2 arviota
Born To Be Mild
3.8% Mild Ale
A delightful English Mild that pours a golden hue with a frothy, off-white head. The first sip greets you with a delightful blend of spicy honey and gentle marmalade flavours. The subtle sweetness of honey flavours pairs perfectly with the tangy notes of marmalade, creating a well-balanced taste that lingers on the tongue.


Post author: AtomicDucks
@ Loose Cannon Brewery
1 year ago
Born To Be Mild, England
1l clear glass; pours a crystal clear light amber, off-white head; on the nose complex, fruity with notes of orange Marmelade on toast, gentle spice and soft honey sweetness; on the palate complex, orange and dried fig notes, soft bitterness which lingers gently; medium bodied, long finish with lingering aftertaste of citrusy orange, sweet malt notes ang refreshing bitterness; highly highly recommended! You can’t get many decent Milds these days so have it while you can

Post author: Simon P
Simon P
@ Loose Cannon Brewery
1 year ago
Born To Be Mild, England