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Funky Sopi 6.0%, Brasserie BAPBAP, France
20 ratings
Funky Sopi
6.0% India Pale Ale


Post author: Sarah
@ V&B Augny
2 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Maison BAPBAP
2 months ago
Funky Sopi, France
Flight 3/4 is a DDH IPA. The beer wears a hazy, deep yellow uniform, like one could anticipate. The velvety froth is long-lived and remains more or less there until the glass is empty. And again: subdued scent. I pick modest pineapple and lemon pulp. Basically fruity but so so suppressed. What's wrong with my selection today? The taste profile puts a bit of effort in the engine: grapefruit pulp and peel, faint dried apricot and a resinous vibe. Okay, what confused me here was that this app listed this beer as an NEIPA although it's actually an American IPA. Now corrected. The color could well be that of an NEIPA but the taste deviates from the proven path. But now that I know that this is actually an American IPA, it makes sense. The body is light. I was hoping for more... No can do. The finish is grapefruity and lemony, nicely juicy but nothing more. Keeps my tastebuds busy for a good while. The mouthfeel is light, zesty, juicy, crisp, pithy, a tad dry and drying. Not old-school but not adventurous either. Could work on a hot summer day.

Post author: Myrdhyn emrys
Myrdhyn emrys
@ V and B Bonchamp
2 months ago
Funky Sopi, France
Une amertume sèche et puissante Une couleur légèrement trouble et dorée Un goût bien équilibré qui manie aussi bien la puissance et le côté agrumes 🍊

Post author: Tony C
Tony C
3 months ago

Post author: Le Démon de la Bière
Le Démon de la Bière
@ Biérocratie
3 months ago
Funky Sopi, France
Mon avis n'a pas changé ! L'amertume résineuse est un peu trop puissante 🙃

Post author: Bati u pescu
Bati u pescu
4 months ago
La meilleure.

Post author: Whaly
5 months ago

Post author: Craft killer 79
Craft killer 79
@ V and B Niort
5 months ago
Funky Sopi, France
C'est bon, mais je dirais que ça manque un peu d'équilibre. L'amertume et l'avoine prend le dessus sur le reste. Du coup le fruit et les notes florales restent trop léger en bouche.

Post author: Toni Trash
Toni Trash
5 months ago
Funky Sopi, France
Comme une DDH IPA parisienne 75. Design funky disco. Aspect trouble. Corps un peu épais. Saveurs bien fruitées avec des agrumes, fruits à noyau notamment. Le tout bien amer, IBU 43. Bilan : une bien bonne recette validée.

Post author: Chris M
Chris M
5 months ago