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Patrons Project 36.03 // Chris (Simpsons Artist) 6.5%, Northern Monk Brew Co., England
4 ratings
Patrons Project 36.03 // Chris (Simpsons Artist)
6.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
Chris (Simpsons Artist)'s third release with us, and speaking of things that come in threes we really appreciate the handy (pun intended) advice for those who are single this Valentine's Day, but still want the clammy feel of another person's grip. The beer is also a Romantic Couple of El Dorado and Citra hops - the perfect pair. But we've slipped in some Cashmere hops as well to get involved between them. This hazy IPA comes in at a seductive 6.5% and given the menage-a-hops we've used, you're going to be getting a whole heap of tropical fruit flavours like pineapple, mango, melon and some subtle glances of lemon and lime. We're sure this beer will give you the courage you need to follow Chris' advice from the front of the label, and feel the loving embrace of two strangers holding hands.


Post author: Mrratch
1 year ago
Patrons Project 36.03 // Chris (Simpsons Artist), England
Went down far to easy.

Post author: Jones
@ Hoptimaal
1 year ago
Patrons Project 36.03 // Chris (Simpsons Artist), England
No nyt! Odotukset korkealla, kun Northern Monk Patrons Project etiketissä. Humalina käytetty El Dorado, Citra ja Cashmere. Yllättävästi savuisuus nousee heti ensimmäisenä esiin, lämmetessään kuitenkin katoaa taustalle. Maussa hedelmäisyyttä, sitrusta ja trooppisuutta. Sitruunan kuorta, mangoa ja ananasta. Savun mukana hentoa viskisyyttä, tukee hyvin pehmeää ja mehukasta runkoa.

Post author: orson
@ Kihøskh
1 year ago
Patrons Project 36.03 // Chris (Simpsons Artist), England
Quite light but otherwise nice classic NEIPA. Juicy, smooth, tropical, dry and hoppy.

Post author: Petit Hêtre
Petit Hêtre
1 year ago
Une bière très bien équilibrée et une superbe étiquette à regarder sur les 2 côtés.