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Svartå Cider 5.5%, United Gypsies (UG) Brewery, Finland
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Svartå Cider
5.5% Apple Cider


Post author: Nuuzo
@ Mustion Linna
1 year ago
Svartå Cider, Finland

Post author: WexiLahti
@ United Gypsies (UG) Brewery Taproom / KoneStallet
1 year ago
Svartå Cider, Finland
Brewday. It's been a long time we brewed last time. The facilities have been too unfinished until now. Amidst all the hassle, a cider to help my thirst in the warm circumstances. The cider pours semihazy, deep amber. Carbonation is somewhat fizzy but still simultaneously a bit tame. The head is limited. The scent portrays ample semisweet apple nectar. Not Finnish, rather from the Mediterranean. The flavors include medium-sour apple juice. Only. This is very natural Finnish. The palate is successful but way too thin. Even watery. The finish doesn't change from upfront at all. The mouthfeel is watery or at least thin, juicy, natural, slightly tart and summery. It's relatively dry and drying, as well. Pity. Many characteristics are right but then the whole package is a bit of a shadow of what it could be.