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Blizkrieg Bob 0.3%, Brouwerij Bliksem, Netherlands
2 arviota
Blizkrieg Bob
0.3% Golden Ale / Blond Ale
IBU: 22
Humalat: Eclipse, Enigma
Maltaat: Lager, Pale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ OnderNulPuntVijf ONP5
1 month ago
Blizkrieg Bob, Netherlands
The last non-alcoholic beer of the ONP5 package. Opened outdoors. Nothing happened. I can now stop this ridiculous schizophrenic avoidance of foam explosions. 😅 The beer is dressed in cloudy, lemon juice yellow. The carbonation is tame. A cloud-white airy head grows one finger tall and dissipates fast to a thin lace ring on the surface. The nose likes the notes of peach, pineapple and cereal. A bit sugary nuance overall. The taste receptors receive cereal, perhaps rice krispies, lemon pulp, pineapple peel, carambola and sugar. Fairly nice. The body is light minus. The finish is citrusy, not sour but moderately sweet instead. A grassy hint rises from the background. A glimpse of the future, new tactics in war; new aftertaste in combat explored; as fast as lightning, there's no time to mourn; a glimpse of the future and Blitzkrieg is born. The mouthfeel is light minus, slightly dry, zesty, moderately zippy and refreshing.

Post author: Känkkis93
@ Hoptimaal
1 year ago
Blizkrieg Bob, Netherlands
Humalan vaalea olut ilman ihmeitä. Alku on hieman tasaisen puoleinen, mutta sen jälkeen maut tulevat erittäin hyvin esiin.. Sopiva musiikkivinkki panimolta: Ramones "I wanna be seeted".