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More Than One Theory 6.0%, DEYA, England
2 ratings
More Than One Theory
6.0% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
This IPA is one of two recipes designed by our Taproom team. A wheaty body with a sprinkle of rye forms the base. Eclipse and Simcoe hold hands on the dry hop to bring zesty citrus, mandarin and some sweet pine. This beer is Vegan friendly!
Hops: Eclipse, Simcoe


Post author: Digweed For Victory
Digweed For Victory
1 year ago
More Than One Theory, England
Good but not as good as other offerings from Deya. The simcoe hops were a bit pokey but the hint of tangy mandarin was nice.

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
1 year ago
More Than One Theory, England
Bright orange/amber colour and decently hazy with quickly disappearing head. Hoppy and very bright on the nose with a zesty sharp yet sweet edge to it. It smells very appetising. Eclipse hops I'm not too familiar with but it's backed up by Simcoe. Wow this has more pineapple then Mosaic and a more direct comparison aswell, very tropical but also some clementine in there. I've not had a brew that tastes like this before, again I must emphasize how close to pineapple juice this tastes for me. It could be the sweet pine adding to the juice. Sweet and dank and hella juicy with pine content that I approve in this context. It only adds to and improves on the flavour profile. It's such a pleasure to drink and no doubt my favourite beer of recent times. At this point I must mention that the juice and pine separate over time into distinct individual flavours so I'd recommend enjoying this as soon as it's opened, as opposed to the usual trend of letting the beer breathe.