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Texas Xmas 8.3%, 3 Nations Brewing Company, United States
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Texas Xmas
8.3% Imperial / Double Milk Stout
Celebrate Christmas in July with our Imperial Milk Stout. Enhanced with notes of Mexican chocolate and coffee.


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Whiskey River Ranch
10 months ago
Texas Xmas, United States
So excited to be at Whiskey River Ranch as family comes rolling in. This will be a triple taste and a duo with the son-in-law in Houston. Awesome! Pours a creamy brown color. Aroma is deep chocolate with peppers. Great beginning. Smooth and creamy texture. Velvet in the mouth. Milk chocolate with cinnamon and just a modest amount of chili pepper. Flavor continues without interruption throughout the finish. This is not a complicated beer. From the aroma to the beginning and straight through the finish it is simple and delicious. Milk chocolate with cinnamon and peppers. Simple. Delicious, definitely.